Welcome to Bamberg School District One

Bamberg School District One is a rural district located in the eastern half of Bamberg County, South Carolina. We serve 1245 students at three schools: Richard Carroll Elementary School, Bamberg Ehrhardt Middle School, and Bamberg Ehrhardt High School. 66% of our teachers have advanced degrees, and our average class size ratio is 20:1.

Mission Statement:

The mission of Bamberg School District One, in partnership with the home and community, is to ensure the educational, social, emotional, and physical development of all learners in an effort to produce students who embody the characteristics of the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate.



  • Learning is a life-long process which begins at home
  • Every individual is unique and worthy of respect
  • Students learn in different ways
  • Everyone is entitled to a safe and secure environment
  • Progress necessitates learning and change
  • Students and teachers are responsible for their actions
  • Learning is a shared responsibility of the home, school, and community
  • Every student should have access to current technology
  • Every student needs a marketable skill
  • Effective communication promotes mutual understanding
  • Physical and emotional health are essential for learning