Internet Saftey
The internet is a wonderful tool that allows children to learn new things, practice important skills, and explore the world, however the internet can also be place where they face real danger such as cyber bullying, inappropriate content, online predators, and identity theft. For that reason, Bamberg School District One works hard to filter and monitor the internet while our students are at school. Below you can read more about how we do this by using a program called GoGuardian. However, for many parents and guardians, the concern is how to keep their children safe online when they are away from school. For that we are providing links to resources that will help you take action so that your children are safe as well as some basic guidelines below. 
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Basic Guidelines for Internet Safety

Be Actively Engaged 

Supervising your child's internet usage, knowing who they are communicating with, and setting rules for using the internet is not a violation of your child's privacy. It is your responsibility. The more involved you are, the less likely your child will get into trouble. 


Set Clear Rules

Make sure that your child knows when they can be online, what kind of content they can access, who they can Face Time/ text/ message and how long they can be online. These rules will need to be revised as your child gets older, but there should never be a time that you don't have reasonable limits clearly set. You may even want to post them somewhere they can easily be seen. 


Communicate With Your Children

Your child needs to know about the possible dangers that are part of the internet, and they need to feel free to come to you if they come across something or someone that makes them feel uncomfortable. Be clear that any monitoring or limiting of their activity is a way you can help keep them safe.


Invest in Backup

Add filtering and monitoring software to any device that connects to the internet. Many of these programs allow you to limit specific content, set time or data limits, and keep logs of internet activity. There are many programs to choose from. Boomerang  is an example of an app that works on Android and iPhones. Programs like Net Nanny can be used on computers or mobile phones. Most internet service providers have parental control options. Some of these options are free while others have an additional monthly fee. These programs and service options should not take the place of active supervision, however they will prevent a lot of content from ever reaching your child. NOTE: Bamberg School District One does not endorse any specific software. 

Presentation from RCES Parent Night 4/11/2019

Each day the students and staff of Bamberg School District One collectively visit around 20,000 websites a day. That's a lot of websites to check for safety. For that reason, we use an online service called GoGuardian that allows us to filter, monitor, and manage what are students are doing online.  We have  filters set up to keep students from accessing content that is not appropriate or school related. We keep a record of everything that students do while on district devices or while logged in to a district account. As an additional layer of protection, teachers can see what each of their students is doing online and take control of the devices if needed. Should a student try to access something that is inappropriate for school, the administration is notified immediately through email. GoGuardian is an amazing tool that along with direct supervision and steps taken by our IT department is helping to keep our students safe.